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Hotel Naples with Airport Transfer

The Boutique Hotel  Piazza Carità is the perfect solution if you are seeking comfort and intimate setting, while staying very close to the old town centre of Naples.  Choose one of the most well-known and charming cities in the world and spend unforgettable moments there.

The Boutique Hotel Piazza Carità: it is located on the eastern side of the Square that gives it its name, in a strategic position with respect to Via Toledo, one of the main thoroughfares in Naples. From Piazza Carità you will easily reach the spectacular Spanish Districts with the equally colourful markets of Pignasecca, among the most ancient in the town and on the edge of the Carità neighbourhood in the San Giuseppe district. Furthermore, it is located just under two kilometres from the famous Carthusian monastery and Museum of San Martino.

The style of the rooms is contemporary. The hotel is homely and cosy, offering guests a warm and attentive welcome with a totally made-to-measure service.  Today, it is extremely easy to get to Naples by train, by car or by plane. Getting to the Boutique Hotel Piazza Carità from the main airport hub in southern Italy is even simpler, thanks to the service agreement for 24-hour transfers from the international airport of Naples-Capodichino that the Boutique Hotel Piazza Carità makes available to its guests.

The transfer service to and from Naples airport runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be modified based on your movements, simply by making a request at the moment of booking. One of the important variables when travelling is the comfort factor. The Boutique Hotel Piazza della Carità pays great attention to its guests, guaranteeing services that will resolve any problems and make their stay always more pleasant.  In order to book the transfer service, you can call from reception or indicate this when you book your stay at the hotel. 

Don't miss out on this chance to travel in total relaxation!   




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