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    Sunny, sprawling, scooter-filled and history-soaked, Naples is a city like no other. This seductive Southern Italian charmer vibrates with action and offers a bounty of sensory thrills: striking views of the Vesuvius and shouting market sellers, the scent of freshly brewed espresso and the smoky taste of a lightly charred Neapolitan pizza crust. Stroll around the city's ancient streets and discover the hidden wonders of this exuberant Italian metropolis. Visit the National Archeological Museum, the most famous museum of its kind in Europe. It hosts a trove of precius Greco-Roman artifacts. Continue discovering some of the city's captivating attractions. Il Maschio Angioino (also known as Castel Nuovo), Galleria Umberto I, San Carlo Opera House, The royal palace, San Severo Chapel and the stunning Mergellina bay are just some of the unforgettable sights you may encounter

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    Turn back to a time when the ancient Romans reigned at the captivating archaeological sites of Pompeii and Hercolaneum, both of which were buried beneath layers of ash during a catastrophic volcanic eruption in 79A.D. While you are in the area, you may also want to peer into the streaming, sulfur-emitting crater of the volcano behind the disaster. Excavation work on the buried neighboring cities of Pompeii and Hercolaneum first began in the 18th century, gradually bringing the beautiful ancient villas and buried frescoes to light. The excavations allorw visitors to explore and examine the ancient cities, viewing lavish villas, a magnificent bath complex, a gymnasium and monumental basilica. Protected by meters of volcanic ash, many wood elements, bronze artifacts and house facades, remain remarkably intact, and offer a well-preserved slice of Roman life and culture. Today, excavations at the sites are still ongoing in an effort to ensure modern civilizations can appreciate the treasures of antiquity. In 1997 the ancient archaeological sites at Pompeii along the Hercolaneum and Oplontis, were declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The UNESCO committee acknowledged the unique value of the sites, which not only provide unprecedented and extremly detailed insight into life in the area at the time of the eruption, but have also yielded some astonishing ancient works of art. Some 2 million people visit the archaeological site of Pompei every year - a testament to its enduring appeal.

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    Mt. Vesuvius

    Just 6 miles (9,6 kilometers) from Naples sits Mount Vesuvius, the volcano responsible for the devasting damage inflicted upon Pompeii and Herculaneum in 79 A.D.

    Many travelers choose to visit one of the archaeological sites and the volcano in one day.

    Intimidating as it may sound, the Vesuvius Crater Trek is not so much a climb as a relatively easy walk up to the top. Nevertheless, the view from the smoldering crater rim is nothing short of spectacular. Trekkers are driven to an elevation of 3,280 feet (1.000 meters) and from there, they continue on foot, ascending a further 495 feet (150 meters) to the crater. During clear weather, the views of the crater are mesmerizing, though overcast days often create more dramatic vistas, when the vapor emitted from the crater blends with the low-lying clouds, making Vesuvius appear more menacing than ever.

    Allow for around 3 hours to properly explore the crater on Mount Vesuvius (including the hour or so it takes just to walk up from the entrance of the park). Exploring Pompeii will take at least 2 hours, while Herculaneum can be seen in about one hour.

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    Just a short hop from the Amalfi Coast lies Sorrento, a stunning and sophisticated cliffside town that is best explored at a leisurely pace. Amble along the narrow streets of the historic center, sip a frothy cappuccino in the lively Piazza Tasso, and stick around until evening to witness the sun sinking into the Gulf of Naples from the scenic overlook at the Villa Comunale public park. Sorrento is a prime shopping spot. While you won't find the same number of fashionable designer stores you might find in the likes of Milan, you will discover lots of high-quality Sorrento specialties that can't be bought anywhere else, whether limoncello made from sweet Amalfi coast lemons or hang-crafted leather goods. Head for Corso Italia for fashion boutiques and the steep lanes of the historical center (such as Via San Cesareo) for workshops offering intricate inlaid wood objects and gourmet goods. Besides browsing small independent shops and artisan workshops, you can also tour the town's monumental churches (including the cathedral and the 11th-century Basilica di Sant'Antonio), people-watch on its medieval palazzos, and follow the ancient defensive walls, which once warded off attackers

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    Positano is one of the few towns on this planet that is striking in person as it appears on postcards. Tumbling down a steep hillside below the woodland-carpeted peaks of Monti Lattari, Positano comprises an assortment of precariously perched white, pink and yellow houses that extend all the way down to the bluer-than-blu sea. The town also has several beaches, chief among them being the Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo. Both are accessible via the town's ubiquitous flights of stairs, which locals refer to as "scalinate".

    Hidden among the steep stepped alleys of the town is the Church of Santa Maria Assanto, a fabled structure with an intriguing history. According to local legend, a Turkish crew carrying a painting of the Virgin Mary found themselves in trouble in the waters off the coast. The boat's captain in said to have heard the painting whisper "posa,posa" ("set me down, set me down"). Fearful of the holy instruction, he obediently threw the image into the sea before, miraculously, the ailing ship began to float. The locals interpreted the incident to mean that the Virgin had chosen their town as her resting place and thus, they decided to mark the spot where the painting washed ashore by building a church. The church of Santa Maria Assanto still stands here today.

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    Amalfi had its heyday in the 11th century when it was the rich center of a powerful, maritime empire. Unfortunately, a period of decline soon followed, culminating in a devastating seaquake in 1343, during which a big chunk of the city crumbled into the Mediterranean. Nowadays, a much smaller though undoubtedly pretty town remains, attracting visitors with its atmospheric piazzas and sea-facing seafood restaurants.

    Amalfi is a town seemingly tailor-made for aimless wandering. Stroll without purpose through the attractive townscape, which comprises a cluster of little white houses, arm's-width alleyways, and shady porticoes, and you'll soon encounter some notable sights. Look out for the old Torre Saracena watchtower, once part of the Amalfi Republic's coastal defensive system, close to the Convent of San Francesco. You'll also see the landmark Duomo, or cathedral, which - though initiated in the 9th century - has been altered and renovated several times since the Duomo, identifiable by its multicolored facade, is accessible via a flight of 62 steps and overlooks Amalfi's main piazza. Venture inside to discover a magnificent display of Italian Baroque art. Among the highlights of the interior is a bronze depicting Saint Andrew, which dominates the altar. Also of note is the adjacent Moorish-style Chiostro del Paradiso cloisters, which date back to the 13th century

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    Take a journey out to the spectacularly scenic island of Capri, known for being the hangout for the healthy, powerful, and glamorous, from Roman Empires to Hollywood bigwigs.

    Once we dock on the island, you might want to enjoy lunch in one of the hidden seaside restaurants overlooking the Faraglioni rocks, three towering formations that jut out from the sea. Ride the cable car from the harbor up to the Piazzetta, the hangout of Capri's cool crowd, the window-shop your way down the designer brand-lined Via Caramelle.

    After gorging on the glamour and glitz of Capri, the more mellow and laid-back Anacapri may be the perfect antidote.

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