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    Piazza del Gesù

    One of the most important, famous, symbolic squares in the centre of Naples.

    It is located in a central position with respect to the old town centre, a short walk from Via Toledo, Piazza Dante, Piazza Monteoliveto and Piazza San Domenico Maggiore; and it is crossed by the famous street, Spaccanapoli, which literally means “Naples-splitter” and it gets this name from the fact that, from above, it seems to divide the city into two parts.

    Piazza del Gesù can only be reached on foot. On the façade, you can see the UNESCO plaque, explaining the reasons for which the old town centre became a World Heritage Site.

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    The Cathedral and the treasure of San Gennaro

    The impressive cathedral built in the heart of the Greek-Roman town incorporates two important religious buildings: the basilica of Santa Restituita, site of the most ancient baptistery in the Western world, and the royal chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, where the remains of the patron saint of Naples are kept.

    The Cathedral is located 2.3 km from the Luxury Hotels.

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